MECPATHS works very closely with industry leaders within The Hospitality Sector. We support hotels to design and deliver bespoke education programmes for their staff and management to ensure a heightened awareness exists in relation to the prevention of child trafficking.

Each member of hotel staff has an important role to play in helping to support the protection of the children which stay at their premises and MECPATHS helps to ensure this obligation is fulfilled.

Our education presentations are tailored to meet the needs of each hotel and include extended sessions for larger audiences, the provision of free education materials and a dedicated presenter who is familiar with the most common indicators of child trafficking and the national standard reporting procedures.

If you or your hotel would like to find out more or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, please do get in touch

Please remember; MECPATHS services are provided without a financial cost to your company and we are available year-round, at your convenience, to facilitate staff programmes.