If you suspect a case of child sex trafficking, this must be reported to AnGarda Síochána call 999


MECPATHS continues to expand its outreach to support hotels in raising awareness across the hospitality industry on trafficking and sexual exploitation which happens, globally. With the hotel industry, very much focused on ensuring all of their guests enjoy a safe and positive experience whilst in their care, MECPATHS provides an additional child-centred learning opportunity to increase this approach of care.

We work to ensure that all members of our global community are aware of child trafficking, exploitation and possible harms that children may encounter. We strive to support those who work in the hotel industry to be diligent and feel comfortable if faced with a possible child trafficking or exploitation encounter. Our core focus remains the safety of all, the growth of awareness and the reduction and removal of harm.

Hotels around the world offer a privacy which many of us, as guests, enjoy. We remain mindful however that there are those who will take advantage of this privacy and use it in a harmful way. The anonymity which hotel bookings now offer can be utilised to move children through channels of harm, with hotel staff and management unaware of the activity. We believe that hotel staff are located at the frontline of child protective care in the hospitality sector. They are the eyes and ears for the voiceless and vulnerable.

We have developed a programme of awareness which we deliver to hotel staff groups on-site. The training programme takes less than 1 hour and may make the difference for those caught in trafficking. We are conscientious, passionate and professional. We seek to work in partnership with hotels and strengthen all opportunities for vulnerable people to be rescued. Following our training presentation, we offer staff and management the opportunity to ask any questions and help to answer any queries they may have about trafficking. We work in partnership with The Gardaí and The AHTU to educate and grow capacity.


We recognise that hotels are busy working environments. Hotels welcome guests, daily, and deliver on their promise to offer unique hospitality experiences. If like us, your hotel feels that ‘one can never be too knowledgeable’ or ‘each guest’s safety and security is of paramount importance’, then please do get in touch. Training presentations are offered free of charge and at your convenience. We all have a unique role to play in protecting children.

Hotels FAQs

Any hotel can be a target venue for traffickers because hotels offer anonymity and privacy.  Even the top hotels can be venues for traffickers. Human trafficking is a hidden crime.

Customers and consumers increasingly expect companies to behave ethically and be proactive on social issues. Hotels are in the position where they can take action to counter trafficking head on. Receiving this type of training demonstrates that a hotel is socially responsible and that the staff are highly trained to ensure that illicit activity is not knowingly occurring on the premises. Staff will know what to look out for and how to respond discreetly and appropriately should they suspect a case of trafficking.

There is no cost for the MECPATHS presentation.

Upon request, we are happy to return to hotels to give the presentation to another group of staff. We are always happy to meet with general managers and HR managers and are available to give what support and advice we can to assist hotels in their efforts to counter trafficking.

We would usually advise that Hotel General Managers and as many managers as possible in the hotel attend. Also reception, bar staff, restaurant staff, housekeeping and as many staff members that are available to attend the presentation are welcome. However if only a small group of staff are available, we will come and give the presentation to both small groups and large ones.

Where there is a turnover of staff, we are happy to return to give the presentation to a new group of staff if required. We are also happy to provide hotel managers who have received the training with some material that they can use to train new members of staff.

Yes MECPATHS also give presentations in third level training institutions, universities, colleges and relevant organisations that are interested in our work.

Please contact us to arrange for a MECPATHS Presentation today.

Reporting Procedures in Hotels

If you suspect a case of child sex trafficking, this must be reported to An Garda Síochána immediately in compliance with legal reporting requirements and in accordance with your hotel’s existing reporting procedures.

We invite hotels to email us to arrange a date for a MECPATHS presentation at