Cork Says No

On Tuesday, July 30th, Cork raised its voice to clearly and firmly announce that “Cork says NO to Human Trafficking”. Gathering from noon at Cork Sexual Violence Centre, non-profit organisations, members of The Gardaí and civil society addressed the growing challenge of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery in Ireland, with a clear focus on Cork.

“The focus of the group is built on an ‘experts to action’ model. There are a number of members who interact with survivors of Human Trafficking on a daily basis and we want to move from the boardroom to the streets in terms of reacting to the challenges of Human Trafficking which are around us all, daily. CAHT is an active group of people who are committed to change”, JP (MECPATHS).

Cork Against Human Trafficking was formed earlier this year as a direct response to address Human Trafficking, a growing industry which generates 151 Billion dollars per year from the sale and purchase of people for slavery. Founding members of the group include Cork Sexual Violence Centre, NASC, MECPATHS, The Gardai, The Legal Aid Board, The HSE, and UCC. The Department of Justice and Equality’s annual report advises that each year, on average, 70 people are identified in Ireland as being trapped in slavery. Mary Crilly, on behalf of CAHT suggests “these numbers are only the tip of the ice-berg. We know the numbers are far greater. We meet survivors who tell us the numbers are greater. We are calling for action against Human Trafficking and Cork is a great place to do this. The community here in Cork have always been great responders to crises and we have a very serious crisis on our hands now.”

For more information on Cork Against Human Trafficking, to get involved, or to lend your support, visit where you can download a booklet which can help to identify people trapped in modern day slavery around us in Ireland. Human Trafficking is not invisible but it is hidden in plain sight.